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I Got an Apartment in Amarillo

When I graduated from college, I applied at a few different jobs. I was surprised that the first one to contact me back was located the furthest away. I went for the interview anyway, because I was ready to spread my wings, even if it meant doing it in a town that I was not familiar with at all. As soon as I stepped foot in the city limits of Amarillo, I knew that it was where I would spend the rest of my life. I started looking at apartments in amarillo tx online as soon as I got home from my job interview.

I knew that even if I wasn’t hired on at that firm, that I was going to be hired by one of the other companies located there. I didn’t need to worry though because I was told just a few days later that the position was mine if I wanted it. I had already narrowed down my apartment search to two apartments. I had found a site online that has all of the apartments for that company listed. I was able to see pictures of the apartment buildings as well as read details about the different sized units.

I flew back down to get things started on my job, and I looked at both apartments. While both were really nice, I decided to get the one that is a bit closer to work. I just liked the general area better, plus I liked that there were stores within walking distance should I need anything. I had my choice between a one, two or three bedroom unit, and I ended up getting the two bedroom one. I figured I could turn the spare bedroom into a home office, and that would keep my living room from getting cluttered up. Life is turning out just the way I hoped.